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Twitter, now officially X, is today as ever-evolving, ready-to-expand or contract around social media phenomena, headlines, and gossip as it was a year ago. 

Even though the website’s advertisement revenue has generally decreased, as well as its popularity with certain sectors, much or the majority of its users are still online and around.

Despite growing concern that the site has lost credibility and popularity among its users, there is still reason to believe Twitter will continue to be one of the leading social media platforms for the foreseeable future, if not better. In an official statement made by Musk, the company’s rebranding was made official. With the move, Musk hopes to establish X as the “everything” app in the United States, commensurate with China’s WeChat.

Content Generation and Curation

Artificial Intelligence has quickly embedded itself into the realm of social media, with Twitter being no exception. 

The diversity of applications of AI on the platform spans a wide range of tasks, from generating compelling content to crafting headline-worthy captions. By harnessing natural language processing and machine learning techniques, AI empowers creators to effortlessly generate tweets, curate trending topics, or even answer user questions through chat.

Using data collection techniques, NLP, and more, AI is able to automate content creation in a way that helps you save time while still creating content that is both useful and timely.

With platforms such as OpenAI’s Chat GPT, wannabe content creators can actually research and brainstorm ideas using real or simulated customer data. Using entity-matching, Chat GPT can connect the dots using your customer data, whether actual or preferred and spit out something valuable you can use to serve your users. Just be ready to do plenty of cross-referencing and fact-checking.

After you’ve gathered enough information about your target audience, you can dive into content creation and curation, using AI to reveal potential topics, content types, and approaches to serve your users with relevant information. 

With AI, you can also proofread, edit, and draft your tweets, generate captivating captions or titles, and create an optimal posting schedule. Keep in mind that many people are already doing this on social media and the web in general, so your goal should be to really pinpoint who your target audience is. 

The playing field is social media, and as such, please note that AI will only take you a certain length, that means you and you alone will have to put in a lot of the legwork, and that includes actively monitoring your profiles, engaging with followers, influencers, and other brands meaningfully. That alone is about three-quarters of your work. 

Social Media and AI for the Win

In these fleeting times we’re in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with new technologies, overburdened by the responsibility that comes with asserting oneself or one’s brand in any given field; the competition we’re in, the long hours, the lonely nights ahead. 

Artificial intelligence might feel like lightyears ahead for some of us, but it’s really just outside the door and will come in whether we like it or not, so best prepare for the inevitable. For me, this means learning more about these technologies, the companies behind them, and how to navigate their landscape, even if that means learning something different or new to me.

Many of us, cornered by the harrowing freedom of liberty, face increasingly difficult odds to succeed. This is my wispy attempt at creating something. I’ve failed a million times already, so what else can I lose?

In a nutshell, if you’ve almost about had it over-analyzing and ruminating over good ideas in your brain and you feel ready to take action, use AI to kickstart your goddamn journey!

Artificial Content Creation at a Glance


  • Automates content creation to some degree
  • Generates content recommendations
  • Analyzes user data to provide insights
  • Enables automated chat experiences


  • Not equal to God Mode, you’ll need to put in extra work
  • Doesn’t magically give you outputs
  • Won’t proactively ask you to work on your projects
  • Oversaturated markets

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